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Super Conditioning Whip Creme w/Jojoba & Lanolin | Conditioner

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The Super Conditioning Whip Creme is made with pure botanical's and essential oils. It adds moisture and luster back to dry thirsty brittle hair. Soothing to dry flaky scalp. Jojoba oil is effective in conditioning the hair follicles and other minor skin and scalp conditions. That’s why we added a generous amount to every jar.

Lanolin seals and protects the skin of the scalp; the hair strands have more elasticity, therefore, greatly reducing hair breakage giving the hair a chance to recover and grow healthy and strong.

It is good for all hair types and balances sebum, a natural oil produced by the human skin. Your hair will have snap-back and feel gloriously supple. Moisture and elasticity are what your hair has been missing. Now your hair can have an environment created for healthy hair growth and moisture-rich curls.

Available size: 8 oz. jar

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“Before using the conditioner I was having a problem with my hair being dry and lack-luster, after one use my hair had sheen and was much softer and smelled great!” ~Deborah B., Atlanta, Georgia

“This conditioner is fantastic and smells awesome. The gorgeous smell last for days. Thanks Rene'!”

~Karen W. Moreno Valley, California

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