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COVID-19- Beautiful Hair Products' Response

UPDATED: May 30, 2020

We, here at Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories store wish all persons and their family members are safe and unharmed by the unfortunate outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Our response to this pandemic is one of caution and with safety as the utmost importance.

As you know our products are all natural handmade hair care products. We pride ourselves in our processes of making sure that the environment in which the BHP products are produced is sanitized and deemed safe.

In the process of creation, the staff wear gloves and the hair is covered. We also wear masks.

We want to reassure you that all precautions are taken to produce the cleanest and safest Beautiful Hair Products possible.

One major challenge that BHP (and most other companies) is having--the suppliers for the containers used for the BHP products are either out-of-stock or it's a longer than usual time frame for supplies to be delivered.

At the present time, I have inventory in stock of the actual ingredients for producing BHP; however, the demand is high for Beautiful Hair Products and I may run out of the coordinated containers that you see on this website. If that happens, I have back up containers, but they may be mixed match...I can reassure you that the product within will be the same just with a different container.

Once an order comes in, it is processed and sent out immediately. If the order comes in before 12:00 P.M. PST more than likely the order will be processed and shipped same day.

We have not experienced any unusual delays in shipping. Our customers are happy with our fast shipping! This means that they get to experience BHP sooner than later.

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact me here.