René Michelle Floyd’s Hair Passion Story

Rene' Michelle Floyd

I was a young wife and a mother of 4 children. We were on a strict budget trying to make our ends meet. We could not afford to buy anything expensive (or what I considered expensive) for our hair care needs. I used to buy the absolute cheapest hair care products I could find. Even though my hair was very vulnerable and broken, I did not know what else to do to get the dream hair that I was looking for.

I always wanted long hair so I learned how to braid my own hair, and of course, this saved money. Then I started dreadlocks from braids. My hair thrived and grew a little past my shoulders. This was the longest my hair had ever grown.

I eventually locked my whole family's hair

One day I saw a lady with what I thought was absolutely gorgeous hair. I eventually learned that she had Sisterlockstm. I became obsessed with wanting that hairstyle...but I knew I could not afford them...I did not have a job that paid enough for me to afford them. However, I had a side hustle as a braider. My hope was that I could save enough money to pay for the Sisterlockstm  installation. I was committed to doing whatever I could to make that happen.

It took a year before I found someone to install my Sisterlockstm. The problem I was having was coming up with the money to pay for the style. I started feeling hopeless and thought that I could never afford to get them.

I reverted back to what I knew - Network marketing. I was willing to do whatever I needed to do to raise the money for my new hair style. The network marketing opportunity was short-lived. I began losing money.

I began taking on more clients, but my family life was suffering. I worked from home. Although I was there physically, I wasn’t there emotionally. So, I began cutting back on my work.

Just when I’d save a dollar or two towards the Sisterlockstminstallation, a household bill would come due, and I would have to give that money towards paying it.

Then one day, a lady approached me and asked if I would consider being a natural hair stylist in her newly opened hair salon 50 miles away from my home. I agreed to work there. I had built up a consistent clientele while working at her salon.

On the way home from the salon one day, a car hit me on the highway and totaled my car. Well, there goes my opportunity to earn money…

I had to tell the salon owner that I could not continue working there because I had no transportation. However, my clients still wanted me to continue styling their hair. I would offer a slight discount if they would travel to me for their hair care services. Many travelled 50+ miles just for me to style their hair. What an honor.

I finally saved up enough money to get my Sisterlockstm installed. That was the day my hair story changed forever… I fell in love with my hair. I then decided to take the Sisterlockstm course, and I became a certified Sisterlockstm consultant in no time.

Keep in mind, I was taught to follow the Sisterlockstmprotocol, and I did.

As I was following all the protocol of the Sisterlockstm company, there were certain rules that I was told to abide by, like not using any products in my hair, and if I did, I was told to only use their brand of products.

It was around this time that I began getting frustrated with my hair and how it was feeling; especially my was so dry and itchy that I thought I would scratch the skin off my scalp!

My hair looked dull and felt very dry

Rene Michelle Floyd

I had thoughts of shaving all my hair off and settling for a buzz cut and wearing some big hoop earrings and calling it a day.

My hair and scalp were getting worse. I decided to call the home office and ask what was going on with their products. I spoke to Dr. C, and she told me that the chemist had changed the formula and that there was a recall on the batch that I had. Needless to say, the damage had already been done. I knew I had to do something about it -- I had to make a change.

By this time, I was in deep conflict because I was indoctrinated to follow all of the rules and only use the Company’s brand of products and to go by their protocol.

I felt torn because, not only did I know that I had to cease and desist from using the company’s products, but I also didn’t want to be viewed as an outcast from the sisterhood for deciding to do what I knew was best for me.

All I wanted was some healthy moisturized and growing Sisterlockstm I had to figure out what products I could use that would soothe my scalp and moisturize my hair, without disturbing the locking process. I needed to do something. I had to heal my scalp. I have to admit, that I was a little scared at first because I didn’t want to mess up my hair; after all, I’d made a serious financial investment into gathering the money together to pay for this hairstyle, and I didn’t want to ruin it.

One day, God gave me a vision of which natural and organic ingredients and essential oils to mix together that were good for the scalp and hair. These would heal my scalp.

I started making my own products and before long my scalp began healing and my hair became hydrated - the best part...there was no build up in my hair from using my products; I didn’t ruin my investment after all.

That was the day that Beautiful Hair Products®were born!

Original Beautiful Hair Products

I started sharing BHP with family members and they absolutely loved them! My clients became curious and wanted to try them in their Sisterlocks™ and they absolutely loved them! I built a website and started selling them to the world, and they absolutely loved them!

I soon realized that not only is Sisterlocks™ a beautiful hair style it is unique to every woman based on her own hair texture and grade. Sisterlocks™is a system, not a cookie cutter type of hair style.

There are some people whose hair does well without using products in their hair and then there are those of us who cannot go without using some type of conditioner or moisturizer in our hair. We need something that will not cause our scalp to be itchy or our hair, dry.

In fact, there are some people who just love using products in their hair. They are considered product junkies...And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I learned that if you commit to learning more about what works best for YOUR hair; what products make YOUR hair thrive and grow and become healthy, the less afraid you will feel about stepping out of the Sisterlocks™box and ending your suffering sooner.

The Plan

I knew that if I was experiencing these kinds of successes with my hair and my family and clients were too, then I knew that I had to bring these products to the Sisterlocks™community.

I figured that if I was following all the Sisterlocks™protocols and following their rules and only using their products but found that they were not working for me, yet continuing to use them while suffering, all to save face, then surely there must be other Sisterlocks™ sisters who are also suffering.

Once I realized that there was a true need for something new and different for our Sisterlocks™ hairstyle, and for the health of our scalp, I had to create something that was first of all, premium in quality, affordable, effective in soothing your scalp and moisturizing your hair; I wanted these products to be worth every penny that your hard-earned dollars would spend.

I created Beautiful Hair Products® Moisturizing System Bundles especially for those who wear Sisterlocks™

They are natural and organic handmade hair care products that you can feel confident in knowing that, although the products are made with the best and simplest ingredients, these products are powerful in nourishing and moisturizing your hair like no other products on the market today.

The BHP MSB accessories are strategically combined with the BHP hair products collections to offer the most complete hair care system for your Sisterlocks™ They include not only your shampoo, conditioner, spray, and hair oil, but also essential bundle accessories that are necessary for keeping and holding the moisture in your Sisterlocks™ so you can focus on your weekly routine for the #HairCareIsSelfCare movement.

I have recently added the opportunity to experience the ultimate in moisturizing your hair, by including the Hair Spa Steamer.

The salon quality Hair Spa Steamer completes the BHP Moisturizing “System.” This steamer is sturdy, easy to use and easy to assemble; and it also comes with its own bundled accessories necessary in making it convenient and easy to steam without any issues.

You get ALL the necessary accessories for both the BHP Moisturizing System Bundles + the Hair Spa Steamer, in addition to FREE Shipping!

Ever since the birth of Beautiful Hair Products® not only has my hair transformed into this beautiful healthy head of natural hair, but BHP has created and transformed many other healthy heads of natural hair and Sisterlocks™ for women all over the globe.

I feel a sense of fulfillment again, that I once felt as an active certified Sisterlocks™ Consultant and natural hair stylist.

As I share Beautiful Hair Products® with the Sisterlocks™ community, I feel a sense of gratitude that I can offer products that are not only good for your hair but that is a solution to the problem that so many are waiting for - How can I soothe my scalp and moisturize my hair without disturbing the locking process?

I can proudly say, Beautiful Hair Products® Moisturizing System is your answer

And what that means for Sisterlocks sisters who are searching for something new and different and that is perfect for their Sisterlocks™ hair style, is an opportunity to use Beautiful Hair Products® Moisturizing System, a hair care brand that is formulated especially for them; They can use our BHP MSB system with the confidence in knowing that they are getting what they need and what they've been searching for.

They get to experience a healthy scalp without it being itchy or flaky and having hair that is hydrated, healthy, and easy to manage with a variety of styling options.

Here’s what you get:

Beautiful Hair Products® COMPLETE Moisturizing System Bundles~

Lavender COMPLETE Moisturizing System Bundle

This collection of moisture-rich natural and organic handmade hair care products helps to retain moisture in your hair and makes it easy to quickly super charge moisture retention. Immediately begin experiencing the effects of a soothed scalp and the joy of having moisturized healthy hair. Grow fuller healthier longer and stronger hydrated Sisterlocks™ that are soft and manageable. These premium hair care products + accessories, makes styling your hair easy, and a joy to call your own!

What Makes Up the Bundle~(we're using our Lavender collection as an example.)

Super Conditioning Whip Crème w/Jojoba & Lanolin 

This hair conditioner with jojoba oil and lanolin makes it easy to moisturize and deep condition your hair; Immediately adding moisture and luster back into your dry thirsty brittle hair while soothing your scalp, and experiencing hydrated healthy, easy to manage hair that grows faster, longer and stronger.

Pure & Gentle Clarifying Shampoo 

The clarifying shampoo makes it easy to cleanse and clear away any build-up without stripping your hair of its natural vital oils. Shampoo with confidence knowing that we use gentle natural ingredients that is good for your hair and the environment. Having clean and fresh hair that is shiny and healthy looking, gives you the confidence you need in order to know that your hair feels and looks good.

Moisturizing Hair Spray with Lavender 

Our moisturizing hair spray makes it easy to refresh and hydrate your hair, adding moisture to your dry thirsty hair while soothing your scalp without greasy build-up. Bring back your hairs elasticity and natural luster without weighing it down.

Lavender Castor Oil 

Our castor oil with lavender essential oil makes it easy to seal in moisture, soothe your scalp, protect those "edges" and add shine to your hair. Lubricate your hair shaft. Increase elasticity in your hair and decrease the chances of experiencing breakage. Condition your hair and eliminate dryness. You can finally enjoy your Sisterlocks™ journey without issues of broken edges, dry itchy scalp and brittle hair.

BONUS #1 - Luxurious Microfiber Super Absorbent Towel Cap 

This thick super absorbent microfiber towel cap soaks up water like a sponge while looking cute. Allow your hair to dry without wearing your big bath towel on your head. Dry your hair without getting your face, neck, and shirt wet; avoid the danger of a slip or a fall on the wet floor by using the towel cap.

BONUS #2 - Satin Sleep Cap with Wide Snug Band 

This satin sleep cap has a wide snug band, keeping your edges protected and the moisture in your hair. Protect your hair from drying out while you are sleeping and retain the moisture in your hair. No more waking up to dry brittle dull looking hair.

BONUS #3 - Black Satin Silky Pillow Case (Standard size) 

The satin silky pillow case adds a double layer of protection, keeping your hair from breaking and drying out just in case your satin sleep cap slips off. 

BONUS #4 - eBook - 8 Quick & Easy Recipes & Tips for 4c Hair (digital download) 

This ebook has 8 recipes and tips for reducing hair breakage, hair loss and retaining length, especially for those with 4c type hair. This book is easy to follow. It has proven recipes for moisturizing and growing your hair. Simply open the pages and follow the instructions. Also, included are recipes for making body butters!

BONUS #5 - eBook - Parabens Sulfates Mineral Oil & Petroleum + Other Chemicals That Kill Your Hair (digital download) 

This ebook is about harmful chemicals that are commonly found in popular hair care products in the market today.  The information in this book, makes it easy to educate and inform yourself about why hair health isn't getting better these days. Apply the information and tips found in this book to put an end to your dryness issue so you can begin seeing results in having shiny healthy moisturized hair.

BONUS #6 - 5 Steps You Can Take To Soothe Your Scalp & Hydrate Your Hair - Video Training + Step-by-Step Guide (digital download) 

This video training + guidebook makes it easy to follow along to create my secret recipe for how I eliminate my itchy scalp & dry hair. Watch me in action, as I combine simple, and natural ingredients, to stir up my "secret sauce" for ending your itchy scalp and dry brittle hair. You will be able to mix and use this recipe whenever you need it and never have to experience yucky hair again!

VIP BONUS -Beautiful Hair Products Hair Spa Steamer 

The Hair Spa Steamer is easy to use, and it hydrates and moisturizes your hair beautifully.

Super charge moisture and experience the ultimate in hydration while soothing your scalp. Hydrate your hair; stimulate your follicles and grow steady healthy moisturized hair. Now, you can have the secret "tool" for reaching your hair crush goals!

By the way...

The Hair Spa STEAMER comes with these added ACCESSORY BONUSES:

*Video training on how to assemble and use the steamer 

*Large black satin bonnet shower cap 

*Large open-weave square hair net 

*Large decorative hair clip + soft rubber bands 

*Peppermint Tingling Scalp & Hair Oil 

*Jeweled Bobbie pin + Catalog 



However, I offer a special discount especially for those who are just as passionate as I am about having healthy scalp and beautiful hair, and who are really serious about taking their hair care to the next level.

The TOTAL Investment TODAY is ONLY $497 for EVERYTHING! PLUS, you get...

FREE SHIPPING! (USA) (and yes, this includes the steamer!)

If you follow all the steps and instructions from the training video(s) and guides, you will definitely see awesome results in as little as 10 days!

**Steamer accessories will ship with hair care products and steamer will ship and deliver in a separate shipment.

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