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Hand-Made and Hand-Poured in the USA

Unique hand-made and hand-poured hair care products that is shipped around the world from the United States of America. Beautiful Hair Products is a woman-owned company (Rene' Michelle Floyd) that is training the next generation to carry the legacy forward.

The Next Generation Production Team in Action

At a time when our young people are pulled in different directions, CEO and Owner Rene' Michelle Floyd is working hard to train and teach the next generation to be self-sufficient and innovative while providing first-class quality hand-made hair care products that people around the world are searching for.

Beautiful Hair Products Production team
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Beautiful Hair Products Production team

BHP shout-outs!

Cool Refreshing Mint

The Peppermint Shampoo is sulfate free and a great clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. It feels like a cool mint and very refreshing

Sami McCauley

I'm Free!

The scent of the products is literally delicious! And to my joy, it lingers for 5 days or so...People compliment me when I walk by...I'm tender headed and the cool whip soothes my scalp and hydrates it...a couple of days later I use the spray to refresh my scalp and to get that wonderful tingly sensation that continues to soothe my scalp and refresh the delicious scent of my hair! This is now the only line I use! No more trial and error for me,...I'm free! 

Sepphora Kene'

Featured collection: Peppermint

bhp shout-outs!

Argon oil shampoo and conditioner

I really love this set of products. I ran out of conditioner in between orders and I say my hair was really missing it! I appreciate the all natural product so very much!

Kim V.

Hair food

The new argan oil conditioner is like food for my hair! It promotes hair growth and smells terrific. I just love the feel of my hair after using the conditioner.

Chelsea W.

Featured Collection: Argan Oil

bhp shout-outs!

The only complete system I can use!

I have been using the products since their inception in 2008. Back then I had sisterlocks and there weren't any hair care systems designed to nourish those without creating buildup. I have never struggled with dry scalp but to me my locs never felt as soft and moisturized as I wanted them to. These products changed that. And the towel cap allowed me to wash my hair and allow it to sun/ air dry without dripping all over everything. The steamer also became my go to following shampoos... I cut my sisterlocks in 2013 and wore a relaxer and pixie cut for a few years until I began applying keratin treatments instead of relaxers. I am currently transitioning out of smoothing treatments as a whole and going natural. These products and specifically the Lavender and peppermint product lines and are my favorite because even with the harshest chemicals like relaxers on my hair and scalp it continues to prevent dryness and itchiness and has kept my hair soft and hydrated. It's wonderful to be able to use a complete system on my hair whether it is locked, natural or relaxed. Most products don't boast that...

Product descriptions:

Shampoo- feels thick, smells great and tingles (peppermint). It is very clarifying and removes buildup, oils, scalp dander and dirt 90% after 1st shampoo & 110% after the second shampoo with just a silver dollar sized drop each time. (This is the product that lasts me the longest).

Spray- The mister works very well and distributes the spray over a large area without making you drippy. This means you get more usage out of the product and better coverage. I use this as a base before I apply the conditioner on my non- shampoo days/ nights.

Conditioner- smells beautiful and tingles (peppermint). The Lavender conditioner is the thickest formula so I use that one when my hair has been chemically treated and to restore porosity and maintain moisture. I apply this after the spray and before the steamer. This is my favorite product!

Oil- I love the peppermint argan oil because again it tingles and it's light. I use this at the end to seal in all of the moisture I attained after applying the other products and especially after streaming! This product also doubles for me as an oil based makeup remover. 😁 it completely cuts through everything and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and clean even after I cleanse with soap...

I also have started mixing the peppermint argan oil and Lavender castor oil together ( 2 parts argan, 1 part castor) to apply directly to my scalp and hair following the conditioner and then doing a blow dry and silk press and it acts as a chemical free heat protectant.... it's so light that it doesn't cause your silk press to be stiff or interrupt the flow.

What I buy: 2x a year I buy the full system and get the free towel caps. This means that I now have several and can designate them for braids, twists, weaves, etc. And my daughter has her own. Throughout the rest of the year I purchase the conditioner and oil bundles to replace what I use the most.

I also use these products in salon in clients and especially my clients with Brazilian Knots to make sure that they're hair and scalp maintains hydration and health during installs. If you book with me @kenethastylist on Instagram in Los Angeles, Ca
you can experience the products in person and see the difference for yourself!

Sepphora Kene'

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Our Passion

Beautiful Hair Products is...

Providing educational information, recommended books, hair techniques, tutorials and natural safe solutions for healthy scalp & beautiful hair. 

BHP will always keep the integrity for our products. We take time to hand-mix and hand-pour each and every bottle and jar of high-quality first class hair care products. We only make Beautiful Hair Products in 'small batches' to ensure the freshest natural and organic hair care products available. 

Every product is hand-wrapped and packed and shipped from the U.S. 

You are assured to receive your products in a timely fashion.

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