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Luxurious Argan Oil w/Palmarosa & Almond
argan oil

Luxurious Argan Oil w/Palmarosa & Almond

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Our Luxurious Argan Oil w/Palmarosa & Almond is rich in vitamin E, and fatty acids that fight against drying, dehydration, and the loss of elasticity in your hair. Excellent to use for damaged hair that needs repair. Argan oil softens and tames frizz. Perfect for curly, or straight hair textures and styles. Argan oil holds in the moisture and shine in your hair, leaving it feeling soft and supple, radiant and healthy-looking. 

Available size: 2 oz. bottle

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This is pure, unadulterated Argan oil is a clear yellow liquid, with a hint of the sweet fragrance of palmarosa and almond. BHP Argan oil, which is rich in vitamin. E, antioxidants, and carotenes are superior to the aging delicate tissues on the face and neck.

Argan oil is considered the best anti-aging product on the market today because it is rich in skin-replenishing components, including flavonoids, oleic acid, linoleic acid, and fatty acids.

The Argan tree grows solely in the southwestern part of Morocco. Its oil is obtained from the nut which looks like a cross between a walnut and an almond.

Apply directly to skin after bathing while skin is still moist, this is a pleasant and simple skin treatment for dry or mature skin.

Apply it to your hair and/or scalp for a healing hair treatment.

Soak your nails in this oil to prevent nail or cuticle dryness. Argan oil is recommended for oily skin, eczema, and psoriasis; however, use with care if you're prone to large pores or acne as these may be exacerbated. Because it's so high in vitamin E and phytosterols, this oil is also recommended for scars.

Argan oil is commonly called "liquid gold" in Europe. Our Argan oil has been refined to remove impurities and particulars which is characteristic of organic Argan oil.

Much of the argan oil produced today is made by a number of women's co-operatives in Morocco. Employment in the co-operatives provides women with an income, which many have used to fund education for themselves or their children. Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa L.) that is endemic to Morocco.

Moroccans traditionally use un-roasted Argan kernels to make the oil to treat skin diseases, and as a cosmetic oil for skin and hair. Argan oil is also sold without additives as a natural skin care and hair care product.

I am committed to supporting these women. When I purchase my Argan oil supplies for creating the Beautiful Hair Products, I can sleep well at night because I know that I am giving back to these women and helping to empower them economically.

Each Luxurious Argan Oil product purchase you make from Beautiful Hair Products is also contributing to this cause. Thank you in advance for your support!




"Using the beautiful hair products with the argan oil has given my gray hair a different look with softness, brightness, growth, and fullness. The smell is pleasing and lasting. My hair is easy to manage, comb and style. These products are organic and put together for all types of hair texture. When I find what works for me I stick with it, and these products are worth me sticking with. My hair is my crown and glory, and this is why I choose the natural luxurious argan oil, beautiful hair products to maintain my beautiful God-given gray hair. They leave me satisfied." ~ Barbara


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