Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store Has Added Pre-Orders!

We are excited to announce the addition of pre-orders to our business. What that means to you is that as certain products sell out quicker than others we want to make sure you get to still place your order(s) and be the first to get your order fulfilled once we produce it and it's back in stock.

Would you agree, that this process will add to your peace of mind knowing that you will not run out of your favorite Beautiful Hair Products when you need them?

One of our loyal customers, Stephanie L. had this to say, "Thanks for keeping the fast orders!"

This means the world to us, because your expressions of what pleases you are how we stay on top of pleasing you, our loyal customers.

Below is an example of how business at large will work, moving forward:

Orders placed on Monday - Sunday will ship by that following Wednesday of the next week.

Example: Week of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, (place order on Thursday), Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, (by Wednesday- your order is shipped)

All product orders will be fulfilled by Wednesday if all ingredients are in stock from our suppliers.

This process gives us (the producers) peace of mind knowing that we can keep our shelves stocked.

Having your orders when you need them the most gives you peace of mind too, doesn't it?