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My special guest was one of my students from the Steaming Your Sisterlocks Case Study - Karen

We wanted to know if she continued on with steaming her Sisterlocks and using her Beautiful Hair Products.

Watch to see what she said.

Our 2nd guest was Carolyn. She is one of our students that will be participating in our up coming Official Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge. 

She shared what her hair journey has been and what her expectations are during this forth coming SYS challenge.

If you are have dry, slow-growing, or thinning hair and you wear Sisterlocks, please join us for our Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge!

Click Here to see if you qualify.


Products Talked About In The Video
 Argan COMPLETE Bundle+ Steamer    Lavender COMPLETE Bundle+ Steamer
Argan COMPLETE Bundle+ Steamer  Lavender COMPLETE Bundle+ Steamer
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