steaming your sisterlocks challenge

What I Learned From My Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge

What I learned during my Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge was that people are looking for something new, different, and authentic.

I also learned that when you are passionate about something you will find others are too.

I always felt that I wasn't the only one out here that was struggling and needed answers to how to have a more pleasant and enjoyable Sisterlocks journey.

I've always wanted healthy thriving fuller-looking and faster-growing hair, let alone Sisterlocks.

So, when I started reaching out and asking the Sisterlocks community if they felt the same way, there was a rousing yes!

We are building a community of ladies who are starting to see that there is a better way. That it truly does, "take all of that!"

If it's important to YOU, then it's important enough to do something about it.

There is a revolution going on in the Sisterlocks community where we are standing up and saying, "it's okay to moisturize your Sisterlocks!" In fact, in many cases you better start moisturizing or you will not have the experience that you thought, nor the hair that you want.

Join us as we build our Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge community and resolve that we are going to do what is best for us--

steaming your sisterlocks challenge

Our next 5-Day Steaming Your Sisterlocks Challenge takes place on Monday, July 10th - 14th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

Registration is open!