Video Tutorial Sisterlocks Up-do hair style

Video Tutorial - Sisterlocks Up-do Hairstyle for 4c hair

 The other day I saw my friend Cathy, sharing a short tutorial on her Facebook page on how to accomplish an Up-do hairstyle for her Sisterlocks client after she finished retightening her hair.  

I watched the entire tutorial and fell in love with the style, so I challenged myself to recreate it on my 4c hair.

In this video, I recreate what I seen my friend 'teach' on her Facebook page that day and I used my Argan oil and conditioner from the Argan Oil Luxurious Collection.  I also used my absolute favorite hair accessories from the Lilla Rose collection. Here is the link to my replicated website where you can purchase your very own hair accessory

If you decide to challenge yourself with styling your hair like this, share a picture or two. I would love to see how your style turns out.

Do you like to style your hair or do you wear your hair in the same styles like I normally do? Leave your comment below!