BHP Sisterlocks Steaming challenge ending

[VIDEO] LIVE - 12-Week Sisterlocks Steaming Challenge - Ended

The last 12 weeks of our Sisterlocks steaming challenge was legendary. On this live recording I measure my growth to see if I reached my "growth-goal" of 1 1/4" of growth --did I reach my goal? You must watch this video for that answer.

I reveal news about our next #BHPSisterlocksSteamingChallenge coming up on Sunday, January 8, 2023! 

If you have slow-growing 4c hair; it's dry, plus you wear Sisterlocks, you are going to love our Sisterlocks steaming challenge!

Get all the details in this video as we close out the first challenge and talk about the next one!

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BHP Sisterlocks Steaming Challenge Checklist