sisterlocks hairstyle braidout

Sisterlocks Hairstyles BraidOut Takedown For Thin Low Density Hair

If you have low density and thin Sisterlocks like me you're going to love this
tutorial. This tutorial is about adding volume to your Sisterlocks via a braidout.

So, the first thing I did was shampoo my hair with my Argan Oil luxurious
shampoo and then I conditioned my hair with the Argan Oil luxurious conditioner and then I oiled my hair with the luxurious argan oil and after that I sat under the
steamer and I steamed for about an hour.

I really like how my braidout turned out. The curls are larger because I braided them larger and then with the curls on the tips it just really made for a nice style.

The braidout is my favorite and easy go-to style because it makes my hair look more voluminous.

I added my favorite hair accessory, called the North Star by Lilla Rose.
And now I'm good to go.

Argan Oil Luxurious Collection

Pillow Curlers

Lilla Rose hair accessories

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