Sisterlocks and pin curls

Sisterlocks and Pin Curls? The Results Are In!

Have you ever pin-curled your Sisterlocks? I had an idea to pin-curl my Sisterlocks to see if they look just as good as when I use bone rods or foam rollers.

In this video, you will see the results of how the curls turned out. I will also add the link to my BEFORE video (coming soon) so that you can see how my Sisterlocks look in pin-curls.

Curly Sisterlocks are my favorite style to wear my hair, but sometimes I don't feel like dealing with the pain of the bone rods or sponge rollers.

I think I have found a comfortable alternative -pin curls!


VIDEO Part 1- SISTERLOCKS and PIN CURLS? The Results Are In


Products Used For This Sisterlocks Pin Curl Style: 

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