Sisterlocks Steaming challenge

SISTERLOCKS 12-Week Steaming Challenge

Who wants to Supercharge their hair's health and hydration?

Join me and others for our 12-week Steaming Challenge that will catapult the health of your scalp and hair.

Starting Sunday, October 2, 2022, at 2:00 PM (CDT)

Ending Sunday, January 1, 2023, at 2:00 PM (CDT)

Use the steamer that you have or Purchase the steamer I personally use and many favorite! BHP's Hair Spa Steamer~



Here are a few benefits you get to experience when you begin steaming your hair:

  • Hydrates your hair shaft
  • Moisturizes your scalp
  • Encourages hair growth
  • Softens your hair
  • Balances your hair’s porosity

Moisture is key to a healthy scalp and beautiful hair.


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