joyce sisterlocks and beautiful hair products story

Joyce, Sisterlocks and Beautiful Hair Products

 Is This Your Sisterlocks Story?

joyce sisterlocks and beautiful hair products story

 This story is about Joyce...

Joyce is a woman who dreams of having healthy Sisterlocks. She is fairly new to the Sisterlocks community. She has a dilemma.

Joyce have followed the specific directives given by her consultant in regards to what products she must use on her Sisterlocks; although she respects her consultant and the SLs community, these protocols is just not working for her.

Currently, Joyce is experiencing an itchy scalp and dry brittle hair...her focus is on how she can get rid of this problem and gain healthy moisturized faster-growing hair.

Ultimately, Joyce really wants to grow long healthy moisturized Sisterlocks that offers her unlimited styling options.

Joyce would be ecstatic if she could enjoy her Sisterlocks without having dry hair and an itchy scalp.

Unfortunately, however, she still needs to figure out how to moisturize her hair without causing disturbance in the locking process.

Lately, Joyce has been experiencing anxiety and frustration, by the fact that she has been told not to use any other hair care products, even though the recommended products make her hair dry and hard, and her scalp itchy.

Joyce wants to find another brand that works better for her Sisterlocks, but she has been grappling with the question: "How do I use another hair care brand that works better for my hair without it causing my hair to unravel, plus still be accepted by my consultant and the Sisterlocks community?" More than anything, she fears being judged.

In fact, when it comes to her consideration of using another brand and gaining healthy faster-growing moisturized Sisterlocks, she is convinced that judgmental Sisterlocks sistahs actually want to see her FAIL just to prove their point, and say, I told you so.

At the end of the day, all Joyce wants, is to feel like she has made the right decision for herself despite what others' opinion is...she still wants to be a part of the Sisterlocks sisterhood; not be judged for doing what she feels is best for her hair, and experience "Sisterlocks Journey Joy!"

After all, the end goal for her is to stop suffering from itchy scalp and dry hair, and to not have her hair unravel and, plus grow long healthy and moisturized Sisterlocks.

If she can find the perfect set of products that will help her accomplish her hair goal, she will be a happy Sisterlocks Sistah!

===My Recommended Solution:

Who is Rene’?  What qualifies her? Why does she care?


To help Joyce, I would invite her to check out my Moisturizing System Bundles. Joyce can use the Beautiful Hair Products Moisturizing System with confidence knowing that it was created especially with Sisterlocks in mind.

My BHP Moisturizing System, was actually coordinated and designed to help retain moisture in your hair, reduce breakage and loss, and bring out your hairs' natural beauty and luster.

I would tell her, that multiple reviews from ecstatic customers who have used my Sisterlocks hair care system, proves that by using the bundles, it has helped to improve their hair health and to grow their Sisterlocks long, healthy and strong, without experiencing dry itchy scalp, or unraveling.


Raving Fans

“I love your products. They make my hair feel so soft. I’m growing my color out so I needed something to control this gray. I FOUND IT!!! My sister was cutting my hair and she said that my hair smelled soooo good. Thank you so much…Donna G.

“I have been so happy with the BHP products that I purchased another set of the lavender for my mother who has started wearing her natural hair. I wanted a brand that is all natural and made to enhance the women of color. BHP has definitely gone beyond my expectations giving the hair a natural glow and fullness…Chrstine P.

“This is one of the best sprays I’ve ever used. It moisturizes beautifully without weighing on the hair. It actually absorbs rather than sitting on top of the hair the way some other sprays do. Love the smell, and it’s not overwhelming. Love it…Joyce G.


I would tell Joyce there's no need for her to ever worry or feel guilty about using the Beautiful Hair Products brand.

I would say, Joyce, your hair will not unravel any more than when you "band" and shampoo it, just like you normally would when you're new to Sisterlocks.

In fact, she would be surprised to find out how many more women felt just like her, but don't have the courage to go against the grain and step out of the proverbial "Sisterlocks box."

So, she has very little to worry about when it comes to feeling like she will lose her connections to the Sisterlocks community; just the opposite. Many more wish they had the courage to step up and do what they feel is best for them.

What makes my recommended solution even better? Joyce will begin seeing results in as little as 10 days!

We Have 3  Awesome COMPLETE Bundle Collections For Her To Choose From:

Click the links below for the COMPLETE BUNDLES:
peppermint complete Argan complete  Lavender complete
Peppermint COMPLETE Bundle
Argan COMPLETE Bundle
Lavender COMPLETE Bundle


Here's exactly what she will get in the Beautiful Hair Products Moisturizing System Bundle (BHP MSB)

*For our example, we will use our Lavender collection to recommend to Joyce. (All bundle accessories are only available while supplies last and are not sold separately).



Beautiful Hair Products Moisturizing System Bundles~

This collection of moisture-rich natural and organic handmade hair care products helps to retain moisture in your hair and makes it easy to quickly super charge moisture retention. Immediately begin experiencing the effects of a soothed scalp and the joy of having moisturized healthy Sisterlocks. Grow fuller healthier longer and stronger hydrated Sisterlocks that are soft and manageable. These premium hair care products + accessories, makes styling your hair easy, and a joy to call your own!

What Makes Up the Bundle~

Super Conditioning Whip Creme w/Jojoba & Lanolin 

This hair conditioner with jojoba oil and lanolin makes it easy to moisturize and deep condition your hair; Immediately adding moisture and luster back into your dry thirsty brittle hair while soothing your scalp, and experiencing hydrated healthy, easy to manage Sisterlocks that grows faster, longer and stronger.

Pure & Gentle Clarifying Shampoo 

This clarifying shampoo makes it easy to cleanse and clear away any build-up without stripping your hair of its natural vital oils. Shampoo with confidence knowing that we use gentle natural ingredients that is good for your hair and the environment. Having clean and fresh hair that is shiny and healthy looking, gives you the confidence you need in order to know that your hair feels and looks good.

Moisturizing Hair Spray with Lavender 

This moisturizing hair spray makes it easy to refresh and hydrate your hair; adding moisture to your dry thirsty hair while soothing your scalp without greasy build-up. Bring back your hairs elasticity and natural luster without weighing it down.

Lavender Castor Oil 

This castor oil with lavender essential oil makes it easy to seal in moisture, soothe your scalp, protect those "edges" and add shine to your hair. Lubricate your hair shaft. Increase elasticity in your hair, and decrease the chances of experiencing breakage. Condition your hair and eliminate dryness. You can finally enjoy your Sisterlocks journey without issues of broken edges, dry itchy scalp and brittle hair.

BONUS #1 - Luxurious Microfiber Super Absorbent Towel Cap 

This thick super absorbent microfiber towel cap makes it easy to soak up water like a sponge while looking cute. Allow your hair to dry without wearing your big bath towel on your head. Dry your hair without getting your face, neck, and shirt wet; without being in danger of a slip or fall on the wet floor.

BONUS #2 - Satin Sleep Cap with Wide Snug Band 

This satin sleep cap has a wide snug band which makes it easy to keep your edges protected and keep the moisture in your hair. Protect your hair from drying out while you sleep, and retain the moisture in your hair. No more waking up with dry brittle dull hair that could possibly break.

BONUS #3 - Black Satin Silky Pillow Case (Standard size) 

This satin silky pillow case makes it easy to add a double layer of protection to your hair to keep it from breaking and from drying out just in case your satin sleep cap slips off. Keep your hair protected while sleeping, and add a double layer of protection so that your hair will keep its' moisture in tact which reduces the chances of your hair breaking and drying out.

BONUS #4 - eBook - 8 Quick & Easy Recipes & Tips for 4c Hair (digital download) 

This ebook is filled with recipes and tips for reducing hair breakage, hair loss and retaining length for those with 4c type hair. This book makes it easy to follow proven recipes for moisturizing and growing your hair. Simply open the pages and follow the instructions. Included are recipes for making body butters too!

BONUS #5 - eBook - Parabens Sulfates Mineral Oil & Petroleum + Other Chemicals That Kill Your Hair (digital download) 

This ebook is about harmful chemicals that are commonly found in popular hair care products in the market today.  The information in this book, makes it easy to educate and inform yourself about why hair health isn't getting better. Apply the information and tips found in this book to put an end to your dryness issue so you can begin seeing results in having shiny healthy moisturized hair.

BONUS #6 - 5 Steps You Can Take To Soothe Your Scalp & Hydrate Your Hair - Video Training + Step-by-Step Guide (digital download) 

This video training + guide book makes it easy to follow along to create my secret recipe for how I eliminate my itchy scalp & dry hair. Watch me in action, as I combine simple, and natural ingredients, to create my "secret sauce" for ending your itchy scalp and dry brittle Sisterlocks/hair. You will be able to mix and use this recipe whenever you need it and never have to experience yucky hair again!

VIP BONUS -Beautiful Hair Products Hair Spa Steamer 

This hair steamer makes it easy to hydrate and moisturize your hair. Super charge moisture and experience the ultimate in hydration while soothing your scalp. Hydrate your hair; stimulate your follicles, and grow steady healthy moisturized hair. Now, you will have the secret "tool" to reaching your hair crush goals!

By the way...

The Hair Spa STEAMER comes with these added ACCESSORY BONUSES:

*Video training on how to assemble and use the steamer 

*Large black satin bonnet shower cap 

*Large open-weave square hair net 

*Large decorative hair clip + soft rubber bands 

*Peppermint Tingling Scalp & Hair Oil 

*Jeweled Bobbie pin + Catalog 



However, I offer a special discount especially for those who are just as passionate as I am about having healthy scalp and beautiful hair, and who are really serious about taking their hair care to the next level.

The TOTAL Investment for her is ONLY $497 for EVERYTHING! PLUS, she get's FREE SHIPPING! (USA) (and yes, this includes the steamer too!)

If she follows all the steps and instructions from the training video(s) and guides, she will definitely see awesome results in as little as 10 days!

* If this is YOUR story, CLICK HERE to take advantage of this special offer!


***FYI - Joyce took me up on my recommended solution and purchased the complete Argan set!