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My Search Is Over I Found the Perfect Hair Steamer - Watch Me Assemble it

Finally, I hit the jackpot! I found the Perfect Steamer - The Professional Hair Spa Steamer 

Hair Spa Steamer
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I’ve researched and found the perfect hair steamer - The Professional Hair Spa Steamer and I’ve discovered that it had the best value, quality, operational ease and it was affordable.

This Professional Hair Steamer is a great investment.

What I like most is its’ features:


The best benefit of all was that it solved my dry hair and scalp problem and my hair is growing like crazy!

Watch me assemble it in this training video.

 Who Is The Hair Steamer For?

The Professional Hair Spa Steamer is for those who need hydration and moisture in their hair. The benefits you’ll experience is something that I know you will appreciate.

These are some of the great benefits that I’ve experienced since using my hair steamer…guaranteed you will experience them too:

  • Hydrated hair
  • Moisturized hair
  • Soft and supple hair
  • Growing hair
  • Manageable hair
  • Healthy hair
  • Use fewer hair products
  • Save money
  • And much more!

What I Really Love Is Sharing My Experience With Others Who Have Hair Like Mine.

Many times, those of us who are blessed with “4c hair,” feel hopeless that we’ll ever experience hair joy. But today, we can begin experiencing the joy of being natural because now with adding hair steaming to our weekly hair regimen, we will have hair that is happy to be nappy…but this time with moist hydrated curls.

I feel good about my hair because this product has worked wonders in bringing moisture and hydration to my hair strands.

If you’re like me, you’ve experienced dry scalp and hair, and it seems like no matter how many products you use in your hair, it’s still dry.

I can guarantee that if you started steaming your hair and massaging your scalp on a weekly basis, your hair will also become hydrated and moisturized. You won’t need to use so many products in your hair and your hair will start growing faster and becoming more manageable, soft and supple.

I Am So Glad That I Didn’t Give Up On My Search For The Perfect Hair Steamer

Since adding hair steaming to my weekly hair care regimen, it has made a difference in the health of my hair and scalp. I’ve noticed that my scalp isn’t as dry and itchy as before. I enjoy my hair now than ever before.

The Professional Hair Spa Steamer is popular and sells out quickly… sometimes you have to wait a few days before they get more in stock. So, when you are ready to purchase, make sure you do so at the time they have them in stock.

The best part is its FREE shipping!


I Know How You Feel—My Hair Story

When I was a little girl, I always admired other girls with long pigtails.

I used to clamp clothespins to the ends of my short fragile hair in hopes of experiencing what it felt like to have flowing hair. Did you ever do that too?

As I got older, I started wearing braid extensions. This was my answer to long hair…feeling it laying against my back and feeling it on my face. Oh, this was it for me!

But, I soon got tired of wearing 'fake hair' or other people’s hair in my head.

After years of going through vicious cycles of hair growth, breakage, hair growth, then breakage again, I decided to wear my hair in Dreadlocks.

In fact, not only did I loc my hair, I loc’d up my whole family as well!

We were the Loc family…until one day, I saw a woman with tiny Locs!

I Was Literally Captivated By What I Saw. I Was Drawn To Her Hair Like A Magnetic!

Now, I think it is very rude to go up to someone and start touching their hair, but that is exactly what I did. It seemed like I had wings and flew over to that lady and started touching her hair!

I asked her what they were…all the while, examining her hair.

I had question after question and she patiently answered them.

She said, “they are Sisterlockstm .”

I said, “Sisterlocks!?” I was even more intrigued and I knew then that I had fallen in (hair) love.

I had to have them!  I asked her where she got them done because I wanted them in my hair. And of course, she didn’t have the lady’s number with her (or so she said). So, there I was, in love with a hairstyle that I’d never heard of nor seemed as if I was ever going to be able to get them in my hair.

Well, finally after a couple of years, my family and I were at a Black business expo in Loma Linda, California where I met two women (both had Sisterlockstm ) sitting at a booth.

They were there to get the word out about Sisterlockstm . They handed me a flyer and started telling me their story of how they came to Sisterlockstm .

One of the ladies said she had traditional dreadlocks at the time when she’d heard of Sisterlockstm . She said she picked her dreads out just to put Sisterlockstm in her hair.

Well, by this time, I was sold on the idea because I myself had traditional dreadlocks in my head and the idea that I didn’t have to start all over was appealing to me.

However, I still wasn’t ready to go the Sisterlockstm  route. I wasn’t finished with my dreadlocks. I wrapped human hair around my traditional dreads to give it that volume.

However, after my hair started growing, the weight of the additional hair in my head weighed so much that my hair began breaking at the root. I was so frustrated…the vicious cycle again!


One day, I tried picking out all my (dreadlocks extensions), but didn’t have the patience or the time so I stopped midway of the process and decided to cut my hair!

I still wasn’t ready to make that drastic change to start with short hair just yet. The thought of having to start all over again with short hair… I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, what did I do? I put human hair braids in my head and went to the salon to have it cut in a style. It was so pretty. My plan was to let my hair grow out long and then get Sisterlockstm installed.

Well, it didn’t quite work itself out this way. My hair started to break after a couple of months. Again, the vicious cycle haunted me again.

At this point, I was so weary and frustrated I could scream!

I wanted to go learn how to do Sisterlockstm  so, I went to the Sisterlockstm   class with a rag on my head to cover up my broken hair.

After learning the Sisterlockstm technique, I started installing Sisterlockstm in my clients’ head but still wasn’t quite ready for mine.

My Hair Was Still Short Because It Grew Very Slow.

After about a couple of weeks, I was finally ready for my Sisterlockstm .

After my Sisterlockstm  installation, I was excited to see how my hair would fair with this new style that I’d fallen in love with.

One thing that was hard for me to accept, was the fact that my hair still grew incredibly slow. I’d install Sisterlockstm in my clients head and their hair was growing like crazy and mine grew at a snails’ pace…to make matters worse, my hair was dry and my scalp itched like crazy.

I struggled with this issue for a long time. I mean years.  I thought about wearing a buzz-cut out of frustration. Until…

One day, I saw a woman on Facebook in a group for those with Sisterlockstm .

Her Sisterlocks Was Down Her Back And They Were So Beautiful And Seemed To Be Manageable, Soft And Supple!

Someone asked her a question, “how did your hair grow so fast and long?” to this she answered, “I use a hair steamer and the moisture helps my hair to grow because our hair loves moisture.”

Wow! I felt like that was it! This was my answer—a hair steamer.

I began shopping around for a hair steamer. I could not find one anywhere at the local beauty supply stores.  They had hair dryers, but no hair steamers. I didn’t know where to find one. So, I began searching vigorously.

I finally found a company that sold hair steamers but their prices were ridiculously high. They were too expensive for my budget. Plus they were huge and bulky and shipping cost was a fortune.

It looked pretty bleak for my ever getting my hair steamer.

I continued searching for the perfect hair steamer. For me, it had to be affordable and able to cover my entire head so that my whole head would benefit.

In my comparison shopping, I was looking for quality, ease, and affordability; which is what I’ve found in the Hair Spa Steamer. 

My search has finally come to an end.

And all in all, the results I’ve found in using my hair steamer is awesome. I really enjoy my hair now and the health of my hair and scalp is beyond compare.

So now, for us “4c” people, we have a brighter hope that one day, we will finally get to experience healthy moisturized, soft and supple hair flowing down our backs—sooner than later, I’m sure. Don’t you agree?

Question:   Have you heard of hair steaming before?

What was your experience like?

What was the name/brand of the product you used?

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* I love this hair steamer and have shared it with many people.