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Gray Hair In All Its Glory

It is inevitable that we will age as the years go by and so will our hair. Gray hair has its own way of expressing itself. It's time for gray hair beauties to come out and let us see the glory.  


There's an old adage that goes, "The glory of a young man is in his strength, and the beauty of the old man shines in his gray hair."

As we can see from this beautiful woman in this video, age really doesn't have anything to do with when you gray. There are other factors that can cause hair to gray at any given time or age.

What Causes Gray Hair

Our hair follicles consist of cells known as melanocytes, which produce pigments call melanin. It is the melanin that determines the color of skin and hair. The more the production of melanin, the darker the hair color, and when the production of melanin decreases, hair becomes transparent. What appears as gray hair, is actually transparent. It looks gray because of the dark hair surrounding it.

Heredity is considered to be the main cause of gray hair. Studies show that genetics has a significant role in graying hair. Loss of pigmentation in the hair strand itself is what gives hair the gray or transparent appearance.

Gray Hair & Health

In terms of health and gray hair, there are a few factors that can cause hair to gray more rapidly.

Broken rest and insomnia, restlessness and over-working. Stress and nervousness are all factors that can have an effect on hair graying too soon.

A deficiency in vitamin B-12 can also be a cause of hair graying. If you suffer from low energy or anemia and thyroid imbalance and folic acid deficiency these are other factors to consider. There is really no drug or nutritional supplement or diet plan that has the ability to reverse the hair from graying. However, if you consider the factors that were mentioned above and improve in those areas, perhaps it can help to slow down the graying process in many cases.

How To Manage and Accept Your Gray Hair

Increase your fiber-rich and iron-rich food intake and rid yourself of the main culprit --stress and anxiety. Create more "me-time" where you get centered and focused on taking care of yourself.

Yoga and deep breathing exercises are always good--it helps to relieve stress and clear your mind. Yoga, not only helps to keep your body toned and limber, but it also helps to manage your emotions and your well-being. In my experience, yoga helps to usher in a happy space.

As we can see from the lady in this video, there are many beautiful hairstyles that you can create that will not make you look old. In fact, one lady once said that her gray hair is her superpower!

How To Take Care of Your Gray Tresses

Allowing your hair to be as natural as possible is always best. Because gray hair is transparent, it tends to stain easily. Using hair products that are colorless is best. Hair products that are gentle and that don't have harsh detergents will keep your gray hair healthy, vibrant, and strong.

Attitude has a lot to do with how you show up in the world as you venture into and step into proudly wearing your beautiful gray hair.

Embracing and accepting the fact that you are blessed with gray tresses will help to relieve stress and give you a sense of freedom that you've never experienced before.

Hair Care Products that are Excellent for Your Gray Tresses

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