5 Sisterlocks Mistakes ebook

eBook | 5 Mistakes That Keep Your Sisterlocks Dry, Slow-Growing, And Thin: Especially Mistake #3!

This book is my latest work. I was inspired to write it because I've seen time and time again on social media and in the Sisterlocks community that women were complaining about the same hair problems over and over...
People were frustrated with their itchy scalp and dry hair, and didn't know what to do about it.

5 Sisterlocks Mistakes ebook
Of course, there are those who still shout to the mountain top that you don't need to use anything on your Sisterlocks. However, that is not true in many cases.
In the book I talk about the 5 common mistakes that are being made amongst those who wear Sisterlocks, and newbies are almost at the mercy of others' opinions about whether they should moisturize or not...
I am an OG in the proverbial Sisterlocks community; plus I am a retired certified Sisterlocks consultant. I've been in the natural hair industry a long time. I have a lot to say in defense of our younger Sisterlocks sistahs!😊 
I have come to the rescue!

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