Jalisa Shaveh

Beautiful Hair Products' Peppermint hair care --Featured On YouTube!

Beautiful Hair Products' Luxurious Peppermint hair care products is featured on the beautiful Jalisa Shaveh's Youtube channel.

Last year (February 2019), I met Jalisa Shaveh at a Grammy's gifting suite event I participated in and she approached my table for a BHP gifting bag.

First of all, I was totally inexperienced with the concept of how a gifting suite operates. Like, do you sell your products or give them away for free?  Because I am a small business, I had high hopes that the investment I made just to be part of this Grammy's gifting suite event would bring me a serious return on my investment (ROI).

So, there I was in the presence of familiar celebrity faces hoping that they would, after picking up their (FREE) gifting bag filled with Beautiful Hair Products-- later on (hopefully sooner than later) would then BUY my whole BHP collection and give me some social media shout outs...

Well, it definitely did not happen this way. 

Getting back to Jalisa...

There, Jalisa was, humbly asking me for a gift bag and because I was unfamiliar with who she is, I said something stupid. "These bags are for celebrities." Jalisa humbly said,  "Okay," and turned and walked over to her table and joined her friend. I felt so bad. My eyes kept watching her for the whole event. My spirit would not let me rest until I finally went over and handed her a bag of BHP goodies, to which she was so grateful to receive.

jalisa grammys gifting suite jalisa grammy gifting suite

 jalisa gifting suite

My point?

First of all, don't judge a book by its cover. And secondly, the person you least expect to be a fan is the one who will.

Out of all the "celebrities" that received a gift bag from me, Jalisa is the one "celebrity" that actually showed her gratitude for the 'gift' she received in a more thoughtful and intentional way. She actually took the time to give me a couple of shout outs on Instagram about how much she loved my Beautiful Hair Products. Not only did she do that; she took the time to feature them on her YouTube channel to her audience as she shared a tutorial about her process in taking care of her own hair before she installs her custom made weave.

Although, I had a great time meeting and greeting the celebrities and people that came to my table; Jalisa is the most memorable guest that I met that night. She didn't use her celebrity to just come and take a gift from me; she actually returned the favor by using the products and sharing with the world how she loved them. 

If you are like me and are in business for yourself, you know and understand how support from those who can help to catapult your business to the next level is everything. And a simple shout out is Golden. So, for this,Jalisa, your support is very appreciated.

At the end of the day, people don't care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.

Not only is Jalisa a fan of Beautiful Hair Products, I am a fan of Jalisa's humble spirit and the confidence she exudes in who she is as a professional model and a make up artist.