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Beautiful Hair Products and Asabi's Daily Hair Routine

I was so excited when Asabi told me that she was going to start a vlog channel featuring her daily hair routine using Beautiful Hair Products!


 From childhood, Asabi had been wearing the style called, Sisterlocks(tm). She started growing her hair out once she was 6 months away from graduating high school. After high school she wanted to experiment with her hair; especially since she was limited in the type of styles she wanted to try while her hair was loc'd.

Leading up to graduation, she had her Sisterlocks cut out and began wearing a TWA (teeny weeny afro) at first. 

As time went on she wanted to be a little bolder; so, she started dyeing her hair various colors until she discovered that platinum blonde was her favorite color and it soon became her signature look.

A couple of years went by and she began trying more styles and colors until her hair became so damaged that her only option was to do the BIG CHOP if she had any hope of having healthy hair again.

This video is episode 2 of her Natural Hair Journey.

The beauty of it all is that after her big chop she started using Beautiful Hair Products as part of her daily hair care routine and they have become her staple hair products which have brought life back to her hair.

Asabi can be found on social media at:

IG: @AsabiRoss or @NaturallyAsabi

YouTube: NaturallyAsabi