rene michelle floyd

My Story --And Why I Started My Natural Hair Care Business

My story about why I started Beautiful Hair Products and how my life has revolved as an entrepreneur and an eCommerce professional.

I will always be grateful to my God for giving me the courage and vision to create a family of natural hair care products at the time He did. I was at a crossroads in my life and I needed to create a lifestyle that I could be both present and meet the needs of those who were born with kinky curly wavy, beautifully textured hair.

It has been an honor to serve so many individuals' hair care needs over the years. I am excited to assist those who are ready to start learning why and how to embrace their own natural hair in order to experience optimal hair & scalp health.

If you are suffering from dry brittle hair, flaky scalp, hair breakage, hair thinning or hair loss, take a look at our recommended collection of products that will help you immediately in dealing with these issues. 

Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories store takes pride in being positioned to supply you with all the necessary hair care products your hair needs.