Hair loss and Sisterlocks

Hair Loss And Sisterlocks - Reclaim Your Crown

I have found through conversations with women with Sisterlocks that the loss of their hair is devasting; and in this case, women that have gloried in their Sisterlocks for years are now experiencing hair loss at concerning rates.

Their confidence and lifestyle have been affected and even how they have to adjust the way they style their hair is a nuisance. They are finding themselves camouflaging the thin spots by being forced to wear certain coverup hairstyles.

Hair loss for them have become an interruption, and an inconvenience in how they see themselves moving in the world; and for many, in the work place.

They just want their hair back and to feel secure and attractive in how they look and how their hair is displayed. When they walk in a room they want to have a presence about them that exudes radiance and certainty that they are well put together. And experiencing the loss of their hair is a bit challenging.

Well, I come bearing good news and hopefully this news is good for you.

There may be a way to grow your hair back in those thin spaces.

What if you could have fuller-looking and filled in hair again?
How would that make you feel to have thicker, more radiant hair?
Can you imagine feeling on top of the world again as a woman with a full head of hair?
Of course, we're not asking for anything unrealistic here, because we know that as you age your whole life and body changes. Your hormones can be off balance; those stubborn few pounds just won't move from those hips, and many times you're experiencing your own personal summers (hot flashes) at the most inopportune times.
In addition to all of that, there are certain medications that can have a factor in hair loss issues. And certainly stress can also be a major factor in these issues.
Even with all of these challenges, there's still a possibility of you growing some of your hair back and beginning a new journey of building up your self-esteem, confidence, and what I call your, hair-esteem.
In my devotion time, I found this scripture in the Bible that says, "And the very hairs on your head are all numbered." Matthew 10:30 NLT
This is the perfect simple scripture that let's you know that God certainly understands how you feel. He created you. And you must know, He hears your prayers (If you're a believer).
There is always a solution to any problem. And I know that with a quick chat and a hair growth plan, you and I can come up with a custom solution especially for you!
I never claim that what has worked for me or my clients and customers will work for you the same, but what I can claim, is that, if you work with me and tell me your story of how your hair has gotten thin, we can make a plan of execution that will begin the healing process on your new Sisterlocks journey, so that you can create new locks in those thin areas.
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*DISCLAIMER I am NOT a licensed/certified Trichologist. I do not claim any solution will work for you as it has for others. Each plan is custom to that individual and the results are uniquely their own.