Hair Spray | Tingling Scalp & Hair Peppermint Spray + Towel Cap

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Experience the tingling and cooling effect as your scalp becomes invigorated and your hair is moisturized. A tingling and refreshing hairspray that brings hydration and moisture back to dry thirsty hair and scalp without greasy build up. Formulated to bring out the natural shine & softness in your hair. Tingling Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Hairspray helps you to manage and style your hair with ease.

"I really REALLY love this product! I used it for the first time this morning on my hair (4a afro), and it was truly refreshing! It moisturizes and tingles the scalp, as promised. I also tried it on my daughter's 3c hair, and it looked wonderful with its shine and softness. She also loves the mint scent and tingly feeling on her scalp: ) I will definitely purchase this again!
Infused with 5 different Essential Oils (including Peppermint) that will bring hydration and moisture back to your hair strands"~Corie B.

Good for Dry Hair and Parched Scalp also:
•Hand blended
•5 essential oils (including Peppermint) especially refreshing and nourishing to your scalp and hair
•Available Size: 8-ounce spray bottle
•Use for styles like Dreadlocks
•Natural hairstyles
•Braids and twists etc.

Conditions, tones and strengthens scalp and hair. An invigorating toner and astringent... it softens and soothes and is an excellent moisturizer for ALL hair types. Wonderfully fragrant with pure essences of Peppermint!

 super absorbent towel cap

The SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP is made of thick soft & fluffy super absorbent microfiber.  It's the best microfiber hair towel cap around! Your hair dries quickly and you do it without any heat. With a variety of fun colors to choose from, you will love the towel cap. It sucks up wet hair like a sponge!

No more huge towels to balance on your head. With the SUPER ABSORBENT Towel Cap, you won't need to rub your hair dry. Allow your hair to drip-dry inside the towel cap and look stylish at the same time!

The towel cap is perfect for:

  • after a swim
  • after you shampoo your hair
  • working out at the gym
  • salons
  • stylists
  • barbers
  • babies/children
  • beach (protect from the sand)
  • spa/sauna/jacuzzi/steamer
  • anyone who uses a towel to dry hair.

No more:

  • wet collars
  • wet t-shirts
  • wet floors from dripping hair
  • no more slips and falls
  • no more water running down your face
  • no more bulky towels to balance on your head

Towel Caps are super absorbent, convenient and comfortable to can even sleep in it!

Towel Cap is small enough for short hair and large enough for long hair. ALL hair types will love the SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP!

An extensive list of chemical ingredients that are common in brand name personal care, cosmetics, hair care and everyday household products. Many of these common products are harsh to the scalp, drying to the hair and dangerous to the human body and immune system. Find out which products to leave on the shelf!

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"Love this spray. Always receives compliments on the fresh smell of my locs. Introduced my daughter and sister to the product."– Frances G.

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