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Peppermint Conditioner, Spray, and Oil + FREE Towel Cap | Feel The Cool

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Tingling Scalp & Hair Peppermint Oil hair care products infused into jojoba oil and pure peppermint oil. Stimulating hair care products can aid in hair loss or hair thinning. Light refreshing hair products that will promote hair growth.

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Tingling Scalp & Hair Peppermint Oil is infused in the richness of jojoba oil. The cooling effect is both soothing and stimulating. Peppermint oil can help with hair thinning or hair loss issues. Its' properties are also good for calming headaches. Perfect for curly, or straight hair textures and styles. Peppermint infused in jojoba leaves your scalp feeling lively and refreshed. Enjoy the light minty fresh scent of peppermint and almond. Your hair will feel soft, radiant and healthy looking. DO NOT USE IF YOUR SCALP IS IRRITATED

Available size: 2 oz. bottle

Peppermint Cool Whip Conditioner Creme has a big dose of peppermint oil which makes it a wonderful 'cool whip' solution for dry scalp and hair. The special blend of organic ingredients makes this creme a rich and delicious hair food for your hair and a treat for your scalp. Your hair will feel moisturized and hydrated, and your scalp will feel tingly and alive... DO NOT USE IF YOUR SCALP IS IRRITATED

Available size: 8 oz. jar

Our Tingling Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Spray with Peppermint has been a stand-alone product for a long time and finally, it has companion products that make it a complete set! The special blend of ingredients helps to reduce and prevent breakage, and possibly hair loss. Infused with 4 different essential oils and Powered by a generous amount of pure organic Peppermint oil, this spray is considered a hair and scalp treatment and can reduce and eliminate dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. Spray your hair generously daily or whenever you feel your hair is dry and thirsty. Use this spray to start off your hair care regimen.

Available size: 8 oz. bottle

(include a note at checkout stating your desired color)

towel cap
The SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP is made of thick soft & fluffy super absorbent microfiber. It's the best microfiber hair towel cap around! Your hair dries quickly and you do it without any heat. With a variety of fun colors to choose from, you will love the towel cap. It sucks up wet hair like a sponge!

No more huge towels to balance on your head. With the SUPER ABSORBENT Towel Cap, you won't need to rub your hair dry. Allow your hair to drip-dry inside the towel cap and look stylish at the same time!

The towel cap is perfect for:

after a swim
after you shampoo your hair
working out at the gym
beach (protect from the sand)
anyone who uses a towel to dry hair.
No more:

wet collars
wet t-shirts
wet floors from dripping hair
no more slips and falls
no more water running down your face
no more bulky towels to balance on your head
Towel Caps are super absorbent, convenient and comfortable to can even sleep in it!
Towel Cap is small enough for short hair and large enough for long hair. ALL hair types will love the SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP!

**Towel caps make perfect gifts for birthday's, holidays, and Christmas presents!

Available colors: Hot Pink, Baby Pink, Yellow, Purple, Blue (send note for color desired)

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'It Feels Like A Cool Mint
Greetings, I am delighted to be the first to order and try out the Beautiful Hair Products Peppermint line. I used the products twice the ensure that what I was feeling was real. I will give my reviews of all four products:

The Peppermint Shampoo is sulfate free and a great clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip the hair of its natural oils. It feels like a cool mint and very refreshing.
The Peppermint Cool Whip Conditioning Creme feels like a relaxing cool mint to the scalp and is great for a leave-in, or natural hair styling conditioner. I have 4C, Dense hair that requires deep conditioning, so I had to use an additional conditioner after washing.
The Peppermint Tingling Hair Oil felt wonderful; however, no tingle. I use it to massage my scalp and it does great with keeping the scalp nice and moisturized, healthy looking, and flake free.
And last, but not least is the wonderful Tingling Scalp and Hair Moisturizer Spray that is my all time favorite. Smells good, feels good, and I use as a daily benefit to my scalp and also used as a braid spray. This is definitely my hair staple spray that I will keep as a part of my hair regime.

I would have loved to feel a little more tingle, and a thicker conditioning creme for my thick, 4C Hair.

Word of caution: Try the Argan Product in the colder seasons, and the Peppermint Products in the Warmer seasons, or mix it around if you live in unpredictable weather climates, like California".-- Sami McCauley

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