Argan Luxurious Wig Care Trio Set + FREE Towel Cap

$ 47.00

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FREE Towel Cap!!

Our Argan Oil Luxurious Moisturizing Spray gives your wig hair that 'snap back' to help reduce and prevent breakage. Infused with 4 different essential oils and Powered by a generous amount of pure organic Argan oil, this spray is considered a hair treatment. Spray your hair generously daily or whenever you feel your hair is dry and thirsty. Use this spray to start off your hair care regimen.

Available size: 8 oz. bottle

Argan Oil Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo is our sure hit as it washes away residue and dirt, without stripping your hair of vitally needed moisture. The generous amount of organic Argan oil added to each bottle gives your hair what it needs to cleanse your hair and look and feel beautiful and healthy. Contains no parabens, no sulfates or harsh detergents, no alcohol, and no animal cruelty.

Available size: 8 oz. bottle

The Argan Oil Luxurious Conditioner Creme has a big dose of argan oil in it and is a wonderful solution for dry hair. The special blend of organic ingredients makes this creme a rich and delicious hair food. Your hair will feel moist and hydrated; easier to manage and control; allowing you to style your hair in virtually any style you choose. 

Available size: 8 oz. jar

**All products can be used for human hair wig care, synthetic wig care, and human hair care

The Super Absorbent Towel Cap perfect for wigs! Made of thick soft & fluffy super absorbent microfiber.  It's the best microfiber hair towel cap around! Your hair dries quickly and you do it without any heat. With a variety of fun colors to choose from, you will love the towel cap. It soaks up wet hair like a sponge! Yours FREE with your trio set purchase!

**Towel caps make perfect gifts for birthday's, holidays, and Christmas presents!

towel cap

No more huge towels to balance on your head. With the SUPER ABSORBENT Towel Cap, you won't need to rub your hair dry. Allow your hair to drip-dry inside the towel cap and look stylish at the same time!  one-size-fits-all 


"The new argan oil conditioner is like food for my hair! It promotes hair growth and smells terrific. I just love the feel of my hair after using the conditioner."--Chelsea W.


High-Quality Professional Rubber Handle Paddle Hairbrush

Anti-bacterial Bamboo Fiber Wig Cap for Sensitive Scalps


Wide-Band Satin Bonnet Cap Save Your Hairstyle (wig)



By following these 8 FREE delicious recipes you will learn how to 'feed' your hair follicles so you will never experience dry hair & flaky scalp ever again!

Enjoy! (easy digital download)

*** Video Tutorials and hair care tips are available on my YouTube channel