steaming sisterlocks

The Power Of Water And Sisterlocks

For the ULTIMATE HYDRATION EXPERIENCE for your Sisterlocks, STEAMING is your antidote.

The Hair Spa Steamer is hooded and will give you the ultimate experience in hydrating your hair. What that means to you is you will get FULL COVERAGE when you steam your hair.

And the real value to you is you will save time, money, and effort which allows you to reap the benefit of the power of steaming and hydrating your entire head with ease. For hydrated, moisturized, softer, and more radiant Sisterlocks, steaming is the way...

Plus our customers have said that one of the best parts of owning the Premium Moisturizing Steamer Bundles is that you get EVERYTHING you need to make caring for your Sisterlocks consistently, much easier.


"When I used the steamer on freshly shampooed hair the results of course were different. After shampooing, towel drying, and moisturizing with the oil, I two-strand twisted my locks and allowed them to dry overnight.

After removing the twist my hair felt soft and bouncy. The style lasted all week. My hair holds a set for days. A benefit that I feel worth mentioning is that the steamer really is relaxing and enjoyable.

The warm steam is comforting along with a cup of tea and a good book. It's the perfect compliment to my often evasive "me-time!" ~ Cathy T. (A salon owner and customer)

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