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Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store introduces: Ready To Be YouTM (see below)

Ready To Be YouTM is a collection of wigs and hairpieces with YOU in mind. My goal is to help you rediscover who you are one amazing hairpiece at a time especially if you’re suffering from the effects of Alopecia and Chemotherapy.

Our human hair units are: 

  • Made of top quality European virgin human hair
  • Brazilian virgin human hair
  • Peruvian virgin human hair
  • Eurasian virgin human hair
  • And Malaysian virgin human hair.
  • Hair units are chemical-free
  • Most hair is taken in its raw state and is thoroughly sterilized and restyled by high temperature.

Our wig units are inspired by today's popular hairstyles, celebrities, and fashion trends.

Wearing a wig unit is like getting a 'makeover'--a good hairpiece can transform your life; help you to feel beautiful again. And give you that self-confidence that you've been missing.  If you are experiencing some type of hair loss, living life does not have to end. Get your freedom back and invest in a good quality wig today.

Most of our beautiful wig units are hand-tied lace fronts and full lace hair units. All collections are budget-friendly and can be compared to the more pricey brands on the market today. I work with specific and 'select' wig designers to bring you hair units and products of top quality at an affordable price.

Our wigs are perfect to wear if you are experiencing:

  • hair loss
  • hair thinning or balding
  • Alopecia
  • hair loss due to chemotherapy
  • or just like to have fun changing hairstyles without damaging your own hair.

We carry wigs that you can integrate with your own hair and style in just about any style that you desire:

  • color it
  • cut it
  • braid it
  • curl it
  • you name it, it can probably be done!

Ready To Be YouTM wig collection is for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who’ve experienced broken promises, feeling cheated and taken advantage of just because of your “hair loss issue.” 

The wig caps are made of soft and fine quality Swiss lace that is comfortable and adjustable. It fits securely on your head and can be customized (i.e. color, size). Check out our wig gripper hair band here!

Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store also offers you hair care products that can be used on your own natural hair and is strongly recommended to use on your human hair wig units and hair extensions as well to keep them in good condition and well maintained. BHP & Accessories store is the place for all your hair care solutions!

* NOTE: If you are not sure about what you want in a wig, it is highly recommended to try wearing synthetic wigs until you find a wig/style that suits you. After that then invest in a more premium wig.

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"Why pay more, when you can get the same quality, look and feel and pay less!"

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