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Peppermint Spray and Peppermint Cool Whip Conditioner Creme | Peppermint Duo

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Peppermint Cool Whip Conditioner Creme has a big dose of peppermint oil which makes it a wonderful 'cool whip' solution for dry scalp and hair. The special blend of organic ingredients makes this creme a rich and delicious hair food for your hair and a treat for your scalp. Your hair will feel moisturized and hydrated, and your scalp will feel tingly and alive... DO NOT USE IF YOUR SCALP IS IRRITATED

Available size: 8 oz. jar

Our Tingling Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Spray with Peppermint has been a stand-alone product for a long time and finally, it has companion products that make it a complete set! The special blend of ingredients helps to reduce and prevent breakage, and possibly hair loss. Infused with 4 different essential oils and Powered by a generous amount of pure organic Peppermint oil, this spray is considered a hair and scalp treatment and can reduce and eliminate dandruff, psoriasis, and eczema. Spray your hair generously daily or whenever you feel your hair is dry and thirsty. Use this spray to start off your hair care regimen.

Available size: 8 oz. bottle

This dynamic Peppermint Duo is great for daily maintenance care.


"My Gray Hair is Healthier
I am very pleased with these products. My gray hair is healthier and softer when I use these products. I like the smell and the cooling sensation that I feel on my scalp. Also, it leaves my hair with a nice shine, not a dull look. My hair is easy to manage, style and comb. I am very satisfied with the peppermint hair products, and how it makes me feel after each use. Refreshed."--Barbara L. Ray

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