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Hairspray | Moisturizing Hair Spray w/Lavender

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Refresh your dehydrated hair and bring moisture back to your thirsty and dry parched scalp. A refreshing hairspray that brings hydration and moisture back to dry thirsty hair and scalp without greasy build up. Formulated to bring out the natural shine & softness in your hair. Used as a daily moisturizer for your hair, this hairspray helps you to manage and style your hair with ease.

Infused with 5 different essential oils that will bring hydration and moisture back to your hair strands.

Good for Dry Hair and Parched Scalp also:

  • hand blended
  • 5 essential oils especially nourishing to the scalp and hair
  • Use for hairstyles like Dreadlocks
  • SisterlocksTM
  • Brotherlocks
  • Natural hairstyles
  • Braids and twists

Available size: 8 oz. bottle

Also available: Buy 3 and save$

    Conditions, tones and strengthens scalp and hair. An invigorating toner and astringent... it softens and soothes and is an excellent moisturizer for ALL hair types. Wonderfully fragrant with the pure essence of lavender.

     Also available- Tingling Scalp & Hair Moisturizing Spray w/Peppermint
     * Use with Pure & Gentle Deep Cleansing Shampoo And Super Conditioning Whip Creme w/Jojoba & Lanolin


    "i have been using this moisturizer for years and love it . It is the only product I use to moisturize my scalp besides sisterlock spray for my locks. will not trust any other. love this product" - Willinda Davis


    By following these 8 FREE delicious recipes you will learn how to 'feed' your hair follicles so you will never experience dry hair & flaky scalp ever again!

    Enjoy! (easy digital download)


    *** Video Tutorials and hair care tips are available on my YouTube channel 

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