JUMBO Super Absorbent Towel Cap

$ 8.99

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jumbo super absorbent towel cap





(All of her long hair fits!!!)

The JUMBO SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP is perfect for very long hair and is made of thick soft & fluffy super absorbent microfiber.  It's the best microfiber hair towel cap around! Your hair dries quickly and you do it without any heat. With 3 fun ice-cream colors to choose from, chocolate, vanilla, and, strawberry, you will love the towel cap. It soaks up wet hair like a sponge!

No more huge towels to balance on your head. With the JUMBO SUPER ABSORBENT Towel Cap, you won't need to rub your hair dry. Allow your hair to drip-dry inside the towel cap and look stylish at the same time!

The towel cap is perfect for:

  • after a swim
  • after you shampoo your hair
  • working out at the gym
  • salons
  • stylists
  • barbers
  • babies/children
  • beach (protect from the sand)
  • spa/sauna/jacuzzi/steamer
  • anyone who uses a towel to dry hair.

No more:

  • wet collars
  • wet t-shirts
  • wet floors from dripping hair
  • no more slips and falls
  • no more water running down your face
  • no more bulky towels to balance on your head

JUMBO Towel Caps are super absorbent, perfect for long hair, convenient and comfortable to wear...you can even sleep in it!

JUMBO Towel Cap is large enough for very long hair. ALL hair types will love the JUMBO SUPER ABSORBENT TOWEL CAP!

**Towel caps make perfect gifts for birthday's, holidays, and Christmas presents!

* delivery between  20 - 30 days...sometimes sooner

Available colors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry

 ~while supplies last~

<<<Click Here for Smaller Super Absorbent Towel 


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