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What's the Difference Between a Full Lace Wig Cap U-Part and Front Lace Wig Cap

Have you ever wondered what the differences are in the various lace wig caps and why one costs more than the other? Well, take a look at the differences in the construction of the caps.

full lace wig caplace front wig cap
u-part lace cap


Most human hair wigs are custom made with a lace wig cap. Some synthetic wigs are also made with a lace wig cap. Usually, these are your higher end synthetic wigs. (Take a look at this human hair wigs collection)

Lace wig caps are usually made of a soft stretchy Swiss or French lace. Swiss lace is a finer more fragile lace. Swiss lace is the most preferred lace because it is not as visible against the scalp/skin as the thicker French lace. It is lightweight and feels comfortable on your head and against your scalp (for those with no hair).

French lace is a thicker lace and a little more durable than the finer Swiss lace- which makes it great for first-time wearers. But, if you are careful, even if you are a first-time buyer, you should be able to get away with handling a Swiss lace wig. However, because of its slightly thicker texture, french lace might reveal its true colors. Depending on the style of your wig, the lace might slightly show through.

As for the U-Part wig cap, it uses basically the same materials as the full and lace front wigs, however, the parting is different. You can take a section of your own hair from under the wig cap and blend it with the wig hairs to give you a more natural look.

What's Your Color

The great thing about the wig caps is, you can have it dyed to the color you prefer. The most popular colors among Black women are medium brown and dark brown. For the lighter skin tone, a lighter brown or transparent color is used.

full lace cap constructionlace front cap construction
u-part lace cap construction


From the examples provided, you can see how the wig caps are constructed. The full lace wig cap has lots of space to part your wig in any direction. The lace can go back as far as to the crown of your head,  giving you more styling options. The lace front wig cap reaches back about 2-4 inches and is not as versatile as the full lace cap, however, you can still work with this type of cap. And for the U-Part wig cap, you have the most styling options, especially if you have enough hair to complement your wig by blending your own hair with the wig hair.

The process of making a wig is very tedious and time-consuming.  It takes a true professional to hand tie each little hair to the mesh, plus constructing the wig in such a manner that it looks flattering, plus making it last a long time.

The Cost Difference

The difference in cost that a full lace cap, lace front cap, and a U-Part lace cap wig can be, varies depending on, of course, the type of hair used and the length of the wig. On average, though, a Full Lace Cap wig normally costs more. Sometimes, the cost can be as high as 10%-20% more.

It goes to show that when you purchase a Full Lace Human Hair wig, you are making an investment. Not only in the wig piece, but in yourself as well.

Now I Know

Having a little more knowledge as to what goes into making a "head covering" (wig), helps me to appreciate the 'investment' that I spend on a nicely constructed wig that fits well, feels comfortable, is beautiful and that helps to build my confidence and that makes me feel beautiful. What about you?

Question: What type of lace is your favorite, Swiss or French? And Why? Leave your comment below.

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