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What Is Traction Alopecia And What To Do About It

What Is Traction Alopecia And What To Do About It

Traction Alopecia is a condition that many people experience
when the 'edges' of their hair is either braided too tightly, pulled excessively,
or is hereditary and you experience hair loss in that area.

traction alopecia  traction alopecia2

Before I retired from 'doing' hair, as you can imagine
I'd seen it all. I specialized in black hair care--chemical-free.
I never permed anyone's hair or used any chemicals
in my clients' hair. I only cared for naturally kinky hair...
my absolute favorite!

Many of my clients were referrals from other happy clients.
The best compliment was when my clients would
say, "Rene' you have growing hands."

In my 20+ year career as a natural hairstylist, people would
come to me with hair that had wax build-up; knots, broken and damaged;
all kinds of issues. And I would painstakingly free
their tresses from bondage and eventually with a little TLC,  
they would eventually gain a beautiful head of either Sisterlocks,
dreadlocks, braids or twists.

A number of people also came to me with no hair on their 'edges'--
"Traction Alopecia".

Clinical Characteristics:
Traction Alopecia is the weakening and breakage of hair
along its shaft. This can lead to a multitude of hair fiber problems such
as breakage, knotting, splitting, and dullness.

There are many causes of traction alopecia. One of the most common
is the damage to or absence of the cuticle or outside layer of the hair.
The hair, sometimes already weakened by chemical applications, can 
be easily broken by friction or by tension.
Prolonged tension could even induct follicular inflammatory changes,
which may eventually lead to scarring.

Traction alopecia can be aggravated by vigorous brushing, blow-drying
or incorrect massage techniques. As traction alopecia is mostly caused
by hair breakage, any genetic condition that causes structural defects
to the hair shaft, making the fiber weaker can cause the hair to be more
susceptible to fracture.

The best treatment for traction hair loss is to either stop or reduce
the frequency of chemical processing. Also, change your styling
habits to lessen the chances of damage. Sometimes, a hair strengthening
or conditioning treatment can be useful to help reduce the problem.
Peppermint Luxurious Collection
Tingling Scalp & Hair Peppermint Oil hair care products infused into jojoba oil and pure peppermint oil. Stimulating hair care products can aid in hair loss or hair thinning. Light refreshing hair products that will promote hair growth.

The Peppermint Tingling Scalp & Hair Luxurious Collection is a stellar collection
with attributes of being *vegan * stimulating * cooling * tingly * fresh * paraben-free* sulfate-free * pH balanced * organic formula *  no harsh chemicals

Beautiful Hair Products are not tested on animals and all ingredients
are natural and organic, making BHP your best choice for your hair
care needs and bringing life back to your tresses and stimulating 
growth again in the fragile areas of your scalp.

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Alopecia | Jon Renau and Beautiful Hair Products | Alopecia Awareness Month

Alopecia | Jon Renau and Beautiful Hair Products | Alopecia Awareness Month

This is Alopecia Awareness Month!

"I am NOT in the business of hustling to sell you a wig. I AM in the business to serve you well."--Rene' Michelle Floyd



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Ready To Be You

Ready To Be You

Ready To Be YouTM

Since the inception of my company in the year 2000, my passion and focus have been on naturally kinky hair care for people of color. I am a former Certified SisterlocksTM Consultant and a natural hair enthusiast. Over the span of 25+ years of specializing in natural hair care, I’ve come to realize that my knowledge base is quite sizable.

After many years of caring for and styling hair, I began feeling like it was time to retire from “doing” hair and redirect my focus towards marketing my hair care products.

Forced into early retirement from a broken ankle, I began unwinding and clearing my mind and changing my perspective on this thing called, “hair.”

I began seeing others that didn’t necessarily have a full head of hair. They were experiencing hair loss for one reason or another-either from the effects of Chemotherapy, stress, health, and medical reasons, hair thinning, balding or from some form of Alopecia.

It seems like everywhere I’d look, I seen these issues in full effect; women feeling almost worthless because of their hair falling out, thinning, or being diagnosed with Alopecia.

It was then, that I began realizing that not everybody has hair that they can style as they choose. Some of these women (and men) longed for hair on their head again-something that many of us have taken for granted.

As I began listening to these women (and men’s) stories, of how devastating it is to look at themselves in the mirror and see their ‘clean’ or ‘spotted’ head staring back at them, my heart poured out with compassion. I soon learned that their struggle didn’t stop there. For those seeking to find a dignified way of ‘covering’ their head with hair again through the use of wig-wearing, they described their experiences as quite daunting, to say the least.

Many years ago I used to wear wigs. It was always challenging finding just the right one at just the right price and not have my wig look so wiggy if that makes sense. Anyway, I know the struggle.

It was from my research, listening and watching these women (and men) right before my eyes, struggle through making sense of it all (hair loss), that I saw the need to offer Ready To Be YouTM  wig collections.

Our wig collections are for those who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and who’ve experienced broken promises, feeling cheated and taken advantage of just because of their “hair loss issue.”

Ready To Be YouTM is a collection of wigs and hairpieces with YOU in mind.


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It is my mission to help you rediscover who you are one amazing hairpiece at a time especially if you’re suffering from the effects of Alopecia and Chemotherapy. In fact, my NEW (job) title is, “Hair and Image Consultant.”

What I Do For Women

I help AMAZING WOMEN re-discover who they already are but just need a little reminder.

I am here to serve you and your needs in a deeper, more meaningful way, than just selling you some hair. I sell you POSSIBILITY- It is possible to get your life back and transforming your life towards a new beginning that will serve you better- your hair loss may be a little inconvenient right now, and is a situation that is beyond your control; but just know that it is possible to manage your hair loss issue and manage it well.

You can be anything you’ve ever wanted to be. Whatever form of hair loss you’re suffering through right now is rightfully devastating, no doubt, but I’m here to encourage you in getting back in alignment with your life and with who you are- getting re-focused on the things that truly matter the most in your life and to keep pushing through the devastation of your hair loss issue. You will make it on the other side—hopefully, sooner than later.

With my 25+ years of hair care experience, coupled with hair and wig products, this can make all the difference in how you view yourself and in how you feel about yourself in the outside world, my passion is to somehow help you through this hiccup in your life’s journey.

I am here to offer you support and products that will help you get back to normalcy, feeling beautiful again and in possibly having a brand-new outlook on life; besides, those that choose to wear a beautiful head-covering, called a wig, many times see wearing a wig as getting a “makeover.” You have the freedom to change your look whenever you get ready and not have any regrets- if you don’t like the way one style (wig) looks, snatch the dang wig off, and go for another look-you are in charge!!

I Don’t Know What It’s Like

It’s true that I do not know what it is like to suffer from hair loss, however, I am a woman and I know how important hair is to us. This is the reason I take such care in making selections for my ready-to-wear-  Ready To Be YouTM wigs that will be both, appealing and comfortable-something you will be proud to wear and feel good in while doing so.

Ready To Be YouTM wigs are for EVERYONE.

Our RTBY wig collections are not just for one type of woman. Our Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories store carry wig pieces that compliment black women and those that desire a curlier texture of hair.

Many times, black women are left out in the cold when it comes to finding decent wigs in a texture they can call their own. That problem will be nonexistent at Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories store.

I work with a couple of wig designers that specialize in custom-made-to-order hand-tied human hair wigs. These wigs are considered High-end Premium Human Hair Wigs. They are custom to fit ONLY YOU and are well worth your investment.

CLICK HERE If you are interested in the opportunity to order your very own custom wig

For the average person on a budget, Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories store carry affordable high-quality human hair wigs. The collections include Full Lace Wigs, Lace Front wigs, 360 Lace frontal human hair wigs, Human hair wigs, synthetic wigs, wigs for black women, wigs for white women, long wigs, short wigs, curly wigs, straight wigs, wavy wigs, deep body wave wigs and anything in between.

Because most of the wigs I carry in my store are ‘human hair’ wigs, Beautiful Hair Products is highly recommended for the care of your new beautiful wig unit.

As our RTBY wig line expands, I am sure I will, in the future, carry wigs for children and men.

Thank you in advance for your patience as we grow and expand.

P.S. (click here>>) Take our Ready To Be YouTM wig survey. Let's see where you are in the process! 

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