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"With a passion for innovation, a dedication to finding solutions for every stage of hair loss & a commitment to unparalleled educational support to the hair community, we welcome you to discover all we have to offer."~ Jon Renau

The above quote is the reason I decided to invest my time, money, and attention to the Renau family of hair alternative products. 

From SmartLace * Toppers *  HD- Heat Defiant *  SmartLace Human Hair *  EasiHair * to Monofilament, Jon Renau has reached a high level of respect and confidence in the wig industry from their clients and customers around the world!

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 My name is Rene' Michelle Floyd, and I am a retired natural hair specialist and former Certified Sisterlocks Consultant. For over 25 years, I've styled naturally kinky coily and wavy hair. Throughout those years, as you can imagine, I've worked with all kinds of textures and grades of hair. Although I've styled caucasian hair a few times, I was not an expert.

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Once, I got serious and decided to actually go into the hairstyling business, I naturally gravitated to what was familiar to me and what I was good at--natural hair care and styling.

I never even considered straighter textured hair. This would be going into unfamiliar territory for me...and certainly, I've never considered going into the wig business?

Since being in the business, I have learned a lot and have seen wig wearing increasingly rising. There are very disturbing statistics out there about the high numbers of people whose hair is suddenly falling out. The NAAF (National Alopecia Areata Foundation), along with others are diligently doing research to discover why so many people are suffering from hair loss.

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With that said, there is definitely a need and I want Beautiful Hair Products & Accessories Store to be here for anyone to whom we can help fill a need.

Jon Renau company represents quality and commitment to serving the 'community', in particular, the 'alternative hair community'.

I realize that Jon Renau and others do not currently represent women of color in their print material or on their websites. Most importantly many of the 'textures' that they offer doesn't even come close to that of the woman of color. And for this reason, I am currently working with other vendors that offer textures that are more complementary to this demographic.

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My mission is to offer wigs and hairpieces to the woman of color that will help her to feel beautiful, confident and to feel like herself as she steps out into the world.

In the meantime, please take the time to peruse my store. I am adding new wig pieces weekly. Thank you in advance for your patience as I re-organize and update my inventory.


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