Dying A Wig | "Amera" From Dark to Light Auburn

Amera is a popular wig on the store. One of my customers wanted her "Amera" wig to be lighter--like a light blond! Och!

I took Amera to my colorist (Breanna) to lighten her up a little. The Colorist did an excellent job. This is the story of Amera's trip to the salon.


Amera is a long and flowing 360 Lace Front 100% Brazilian Human Hair wig with baby hair around her perimeter. She has a density of 130% which gives her a natural look and feel. If this density is too thin for you, request a thicker density. Aside from everything else, Amera is gorgeous!

Kasey is a satisfied customer of "Amera"


 Amera is a favorite among happy customers. Check out Kasey as she wears her Amera wig. Here is Kasey's take on how she feels about Amera.

"Good quality wig piece. Wish I would of customized it more like density with no combs and smaller wig size cap. Kinda of just wanted to see what it was like before got to fancy! But overall happy with what I got. Love the color!!"

 A couple of items that will help to manage Amera are:

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Wig Griper Hairband

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  • Chelsea says...

    Amera is gorgeous. That color is fierce! I’m looking forward to seeing a review of the wig and color from the client who ordered it. Great job Breanna!

    March 24, 2018

  • Siku says...

    The colorist did amazing! Great video!

    March 23, 2018

  • Barbara L Ray says...

    The video of the wig (Amera), was great. I liked how you showed the process in enough detail to see the difference in what can be done. It is a beautiful wig that I would purchase as needed. The color was very soft on the eyes not to bright but just right. I liked how you gave the stylist exposure so everyone could see her and her work in excellents. You both complimented each other. She was in her zone and you were in yours. Good job well done.

    March 23, 2018

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