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diy recipes ebookThere are  8 DIY Recipes to End Dry Hair and Flaky Scalp. The recipes are delicious smelling, but most of all, fantastic in controlling your dry hair and flaky scalp – or just as a plain ‘ol maintenance regimen.

After much inquiry about, “how do I control my dry hair and scalp,” I thought to answer the question in Recipe form.

About Me

You may already know me, but perhaps you may not. So, let me introduce myself to you; or for some, re-introduce myself.

rene michelle floyd

My name is Rene’ Michelle Floyd and I am the founder and CEO of Beautiful Hair Products (formerly Naturally Yours Boutique) and this is my store!

I’m a ‘one-woman’ company and my passion is Natural Beauty! I love it when (especially) a woman embraces her natural-self. I especially love it when she embraces her natural hair. 

I am offering this guide to you for FREE!

Inside you will have all the links and resources listed so that it will be very easy for you to follow the recipes and create some fantastic products that will guarantee to improve the health of your scalp and the condition of your hair.

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DIY Recipes To End Dry Hair & Flaky Scalp eBook

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